Complete Guide on How to Install Pluto TV App on Various Devices

Complete Guide on How to Install Pluto TV App on Various Devices

Download Pluto TV App for Windows PC


Begin by accessing your device's app store and searching for the install Pluto TV for free application. On Android devices, you'll utilize the Google Play Store. In contrast, iPhone and iPad users can find the application in the Apple App Store. Once you have encountered the Pluto TV, follow the usual installation process by selecting the "Install" or "Get" button, and wait for the download and installation to complete before launching it.

Installing on Desktop Computers

For those wanting to access Pluto TV on a desktop computer, visit the official Pluto TV website and find the appropriate download link for your operating system, either Windows or macOS. After clicking the download link, the Pluto TV install app process will begin. Once the installer has been downloaded, you can execute the file and follow the guided steps to complete the installation. After successful installation, you can access the application and start enjoying your favorite content on Pluto TV.

Installation on Streaming Devices and Smart TVs

First, visit the store available on your preferred streaming device or smart TV. While the supported devices may vary, most platforms like Roku, Fire TV, and Android TV feature the install Pluto TV application. Initiate the download and installation process by selecting the appropriate icon and choosing the "Add Channel" or "Install" option. After the application is successfully installed, you can navigate to the main menu of your streaming device or smart TV, where you'll find the newly installed Pluto TV ready to use.

Detailed Steps for Popular Streaming Devices

  • Installing on Roku
    Head to the Roku Channel Store, locate the Pluto TV using the search function, select the "Add Channel" option, and install it. Once installed, Pluto TV will appear on your Roku device's home screen.
  • Installing on Amazon Fire TV
    From the main menu, access the search icon and find the Pluto TV. Locate the app, choose the "Get" option, and it will begin installing. After installation, you can launch it from the home screen or the 'Your Apps & Channels' section.
  • Installing on Android TV
    Open the Google Play Store on your Android TV device, search for Pluto TV, click the "Install" button, and wait for the installation process to finish. Once completed, the Pluto TV app can be accessed through the apps section on your device's home screen.